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Testosterone Base Suspension Raw Powder

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Testosterone Suspension is:

an injectable testosterone steroid in a water base;
a “pure” anabolic testosterone supplement;
highly effective at rapidly building muscle mass;
well-liked by many strength trainers;
a simple, fast-acting steroid that has been in use for decades

Dosages & Usage

When deciding upon an appropriate dosage, users should be aware that 100 mg of Suspension is not equivalent to 100 mg of other steroids, such as testosterone enanthate. Testosterone enanthate, like many testosterone supplements, contains esters that delay the release of testosterone in the bloodstream. Though this may be ideal for some users, these supplements may only contain 70 mg of testosterone in every 100 mg of supplement. In contrast, 100 mg of Testosterone Suspension contains a full 100 mg of pure testosterone.

For Men:

The ideal dosage of Testosterone Suspension is 50-300 mg of supplement per day.
Injections should occur at least every 2-3 days to be effective.
As the drug leaves the bloodstream quickly, it is ideal to inject it up to three times daily.

The advantages of using Testosterone Suspension :

rapid bulking;
very fast-acting;
increased power;
increased aggression;
increased endurance and energy;
receiving a full 100 mg of testosterone per 100 mg of supplement;
faster to inject than oil-based supplements;
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